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Ulpan Aviv is a "new breed" of Ulpan. A private Ulpan, found in Jerusalem and in Tel-Aviv, it specializes in accelerated learning programs.  With our intensive, one-to-one method you can expect to be speaking Hebrew after just 10 days! This dynamic and interactive approach was developed here at Ulpan Aviv and is honed with every course that we give.  All courses are tailor-made to 'fit' individual students and the materials and subjects that we cover reflect the great diversity of the students that we welcome here. Great importance is attributed to conversation and verbal communication, and the course themes range from music to medicine; literature to law; media to business, etc. Whether you need Hebrew for work, for pleasure, or out of a desire to integrate more fully into this rich, complex, and at times bewildering culture that is Israel, we are able to design a course which will enable you to accomplish your goals. By taking in to account your personal interests and learning needs and by combining your motivation and enthusiasm with our unique approach, our aim is that you will begin speaking Hebrew by the time that you have completed your first course.