Ulpan Aviv was established in 2009 by Gil Pentzak and Osnat Rance. Both Gil and Osnat graduated with language oriented degrees and have since worked in this area gathering a wealth of both practical and academic experience. Ulpan Aviv was founded on the desire to offer students from all backgrounds cultures and levels the possibility of learning the Hebrew language easily and doing so in a student friendly system and environment. The founders already knew from experience all the difficulties and challenges that each student faces in the different Hebrew learning programs. These were taken in to consideration when designing the unique program and system used by Ulpan Aviv.

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The Ulpan Aviv system of learning Hebrew has a number of key features which distinguish it from standard programs found in the field of Hebrew.  One of the main differences with our programs is that learning takes place on a one-to-one basis.  Learning on a one-to-one basis ensures that the teacher is entirely focused on the individual student during the session. Our teachers are not obliged to attempt to give supplementary support to struggling students in the class, while at the same time motivating and ensuring that those who find the learning much easier, progress. Ulpan Aviv's system was born out of the desire to give as much encouragement and extra support as necessary to individual students in their weaker areas of language acquisition, whilst simultaneously developing the stronger areas.

Another main feature which sets Ulpan Aviv's programs apart is that every program is tailor-made to suit the individual student. In recognition of the fact that each of our students is unique, each one of the courses that we deliver is entirely unique.  Much effort goes in to designing courses whilst choosing areas of interest, current affairs, materials and media which we feel would suit the student in question.

Wanting their materials to be harmonious with their method, Gil and Osnat set out to design their own which would be congruent with their own unique style and approach.  These materials are constantly being revised and perfected in the light of their experience and current research findings.