AVIV - Hebrew Course

All of the courses at Ulpan Aviv were carefully created and set in motion by Osnat Rance and Gil Pentzak, two of the three founder members of Ulpan Aviv. Experienced in the field of teaching Hebrew, Gil and Osnat preferred to write their own materials to accompany their program thus ensuring that even these both reflect and complement Ulpan Aviv's distinctive style and philosophy of learning.  Those materials are exclusively available at Ulpan Aviv.  Along with the unique method and materials, great care has been taken to create an environment which not only makes students feel comfortable, but is also conducive to learning.
Courses offered by Ulpan Aviv are mostly given on a one-to-one basis and the courses available generally fall in to one of the three following categories:
'Aviv' is the flagship course at Ulpan Aviv.  It is an intensive, tailor-made program of ten, 2.5 hour sessions spread over a two week period.  The 2.5 hour sessions can be either in the morning or the afternoon, according to the student's preference and our availability at the time.  The course alternates 30mins of study with the teacher with 30mins of guided self-study for the duration of the 2.5 hr time period, and in the space of the 10 sessions it is expected that most students would be able to cover the work necessary in order to complete one of the six Hebrew Levels. This is the ideal course for those who are only visiting Jerusalem or Israel for a short period of time, for example; tourists or those visiting relatives.  It is also the perfect 'jump start'  for those who despite having lived in Israel for a number of years, have never had the confidence or motivation to learn Hebrew, or, those who need to learn Hebrew quickly for professional or personal reason. For the higher levels, (Gimel, Dalet, etc.), due to the complexity of the material and their now firm foundation in Hebrew, the course normally takes place over a longer time period.  All materials both audio and written (books, articles etc.) are provided for each student and are chosen according to the interests and preferences of the individual student.
The 'Aviv" course is also available to and adapted accordingly for children and young people. (See 'Hebrew for Kids')
The GESHER ('bridge') course is, as with the 'Aviv', a tailor-made program of ten, 2.5 hour sessions, alternating again 30 mins of study with the teacher, with 30 mins of directed self-study, for the duration of the 2.5 hr time period.  It is designed for those students who have completed an 'Aviv' course at one level, but need time to assimilate, integrate and apply what they have learnt before moving on to the next setting.  The GESHER course is less intensive and less new material is covered to allow time for this assimilation to take place.  This course includes many texts which are studied in more detail, and there is more emphasis on conversation and general reinforcement of what the student already knows. As with the 'Aviv' course, all materials, books, audio tracts, articles etc., are provided having been specifically selected according to the individual student's interests, ability and motive for learning Hebrew


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