Learn in Tel Aviv

Learn Hebrew in Tel Aviv: Private lessons

Part of our program being tailor made is that we send our teachers to where the students are. Our busy cities are known for complex parking areas and busy traffic during the day. Throughout the years we have been getting requests from students who wish to stay in different areas in Tel Aviv and nearby, asking whether we would be willing to come to where they are staying as opposed to them coming to us as lessons are given one on one in any case.

Now we send our teachers to the students directly wherever they are staying throughout Tel Aviv and its outskirts. Our teachers come with all materials needed to provide the same fantastic Ulpan Aviv service and learning experience, only that this time, you don't waste a single minute traveling. 


Available Courses to study in Tel Aviv:
 - Aviv - intensive 10 days, one to one Hebrew course, tailored for each student's Hebrew level and personal interests.
- Hebrew for Beginners
- Hebrew for Kids
- Summer Ulpan
- Visit Tel Aviv and learn Hebrew.(Hebrew learning tour)
- Vocational Hebrew
- Hebrew courses by level