Learn Hebrew

Learn Hebrew

Hebrew is one of the most ancient languages in the world. When we started Ulpan Aviv we thought we were going to have mainly new immigrants coming to learn. We were very surprised to discover the huge request which exists for Hebrew learning. The range of our students includes: new immigrants ("olim hadashim"), tourists, diplomats and their families, professionals, students from the academy, people coming for religious reasons (Christians mainly), students who come to study to be reconnected with their roots, and more. This spectrum only expands every day as we receive more and more requests for having individual and personalized Hebrew lessons.

It is overwhelming to see the high motivation that all students share in our classes, each from his/her own reasons and to be a witness of the old being renewed. Our skillful teachers are trained to offer the most enjoyable experience while learning Hebrew, according to the student’s own needs and level.

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Available Personalized Courses At Ulpan Aviv:

 - Aviv - intensive 10 days, one to one Hebrew course, tailored for each student's Hebrew level and personal interests.
- Hebrew for Beginners
- Hebrew for Kids
- Summer Ulpan
- Aviv Misaviv - Visit Israel and learn Hebrew.
Hebrew for Christians
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