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I could not have asked for a better introduction to Hebrew than the one I had with Ulpan Aviv. Their staff is responsive, flexible and engaged, and studying with them before my arrival in Israel prepared me with the foundation I need to learn to read, speak and write the language well. Thank you, Ulpan Aviv!

Ruth Fazal

After the rather poor experience of learning languages in school as a young student, I came to the conclusion that I was unable to speak another language!
Now, many years later, as a mother of adult children, it was such a surprise to me when I found myself with a deep desire to learn Hebrew. Choosing to study with Gil Pentzak is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Always patient and understanding, Gil has geared my learning towards the things that interest me, and always seems to know just what I need, in order for me to take the next step forward. It has never felt intimidating, and has always been fun. I can hardly believe it, but now I am speaking, reading and writing in Hebrew with relative ease. Thank you Gil!

Rob Berenstein, USA

Thank you for a wonderful summer! It has been absolutely amazing and I have learnt so much! What a gift!

Corina Zond

I deeply enjoyed being one month at the Ulpan Aviv in Tel Aviv. Not only had my teacher a profound knowledge of Hebrew but also the skills to explain the rules and turn the language alive. Furthermore I appreciated his emphasis on the connection of the Hebrew language with its source, the Tanakh. Although I was at the beginner’s level in Hebrew, we almost entirely communicated in Hebrew. This gave me the chance of getting familiar with the language and making progress.
Corina Zond about Ulpan Aviv.

Devora Waysman

It was very pleasurable – a very relaxed atmosphere and Osnat was a wonderful teacher….. allways positive, warm and encouraging. She has given me the confidence that I lacked and I feel I have learned a great deal.

Avishag Valk

Fantastic! Everybody was so friendly and helpful, the teacher was so positive and supportive, and I felt comfortable there straight away. I feel that I progressed really fast, and I now feel much more comfortable and confident when talking to Israelis, and I can follow a whole TV series in Hebrew – who would have thought?! I heartily recommend this Ulpan!

Scott Roland

Natural educators are born and not made. I feel very fortunate that so many of they have gathered at Ulpan Aviv. From the moment I entered Ulpan Aviv I felt that I had entered a loving caring home. Every person involved in my studies genuinely wanted me to succeed and I felt it! The vocabulary that I learned and the grammar that I tweaked will surely make ma a more confident speaker. I, without reservation, give Ulpan Aviv my highest recommendation!

Tatiana Kolikovsky

I really enjoyed the course. It exceeded all expectations. It is really amazing how much I progressed. Topping it all is the friendliness of everyone at the Ulpan.

Jules Samson

The course was relaxed and fun with much laughter. Gil is a remarkable teacher, who effortlessly is able to educate and illuminate every point. There was much emphasis on conversation but expressive language comes with great difficulty, You turn a very good program.

Alessandro Simoni

Excellent from any point of view. Teachers are so skilled that probably there is no person in the world capable of remaining unable to communicate in Hebrew after the course.

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