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Hebrew lessons in person

Learn Hebrew
at Ulpan Aviv

Ulpan Aviv is a private Ulpan that specializes in intensive Hebrew learning courses with a tailor-made program designed for each student. Lessons are given Online or in person in Israel.

 Hebrew Learning that Fits You


Every program is tailor-made to suit the individual student level and interests. Each one of the courses that we deliver is entirely unique.


Each teacher works with one student at a time. This ensures that the teacher is entirely focused on the individual student during the lesson.

Flexible options

Intensive lessons, conversation sessions, grammar focus, profession-oriented classes, 10 days immersive programs, visit Israel while learning, and more.

Where to Learn?

learning Hebrew online with a laptop and headphones


Learn Hebrew online with live lessons from anywhere in the world, with flexible schedule options.

learning Hebrew face to face

Face to Face in Israel

We go where you are, so you don’t spend time traveling. Options in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other cities.

Free evaluation session

Our teachers will assess your Hebrew level and discuss your personal learning goals, in order to recommend the most appropriate program for you.

Some of our Hebrew Courses

Hebrew Online

Individual sessions customized to each student.

Summer 2024

Hebrew Course

at Ulpan Aviv


Includes tailored tours while learning the language


Intensive course in Israel - 10 sessions

Hebrew for children

for all ages and backgrounds

Watching Online Lesson

Our Approach

Ulpan Aviv has the capability, the flexibility and the sensitivity, to be able to evaluate the progress of the individual student and subsequently, to adapt the materials or approach at any given moment. Tailoring the courses to best suit the student is an efficient and time saving method, as well as being one which naturally provides the best results.


Whether you need Hebrew for work, for pleasure, or out of a desire to integrate more fully into this rich, complex, and at times bewildering culture that is Israel, we are able to design a study program which will enable you to accomplish your goals.

Students Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Most motivational, patient and friendly Online Ulpan I’ve ever

studied with...

Testimonial 2

I’ve started with Ulpan Aviv at the end of 2017’s, after my Israel’s study-trip at Yad Vashem...

Testimonial 3

Ulpan Aviv helped me to strengthen my Hebrew skills in reading, listening, and speaking...

  • Where can I learn Hebrew at Ulpan Aviv?
    At Ulpan Aviv you can learn Hebrew online as well as in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or in other cities in Israel.
  • How difficult is it to learn Hebrew?
    It is all a question of what language you already speak. If you speak Arabic, for instance, Hebrew would be easier than if you speak Chinese. We could say that Heberw is very well arranged and very much rule-governed so it is easy to follow its structure and act by it.
  • Can I learn Hebrew in three months?
    Yes, as it is all a question of how much effort one would put into her/his studies. With a good amount of work from the student's side and the professional teaching by Ulpan Aviv, one would be able to reach impressive results in 3 months of intensive learning.
  • What is the best way to learn Hebrew?
    The best way to learn Hebrew is with a tailor made program that would perfectly suit your academic background, your level in Hebrew and your targets in learning. If you want to improve your conversational skills, then a one to one program would be the most ideal for that.
  • Is it possible to learn Hebrew online?
    It is definitely possible to learn Hebrew online. There are a lot of students doing it from around the world with very good results. We would be happy to set up a meeting with you so we could demonstrate what that looks like at Ulpan Aviv.
  • How long will it take to learn Hebrew fluently?
    Learning a language is not anything mathematical so it is hard to assess such a prospect. Yet, we could say that with the Ulpan Aviv one on one and tailor made learning program, one would be able to advance very fast in his/her studies. We would need about 80 hours of learning to go over an efficient amount of material for one to feel comfortable enough with the Hebrew language.
  • What is the most difficult thing about learning Hebrew?
    As said, it is all a question of what language(s) one already speaks. One of the most central things about Hebrew is "the agreement principle" according to which all words in the phrase would need to "agree" with one another in terms of gender and number.

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