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Hebrew level Aleph

Aleph – Level One

The Aleph student can be described to a limited extent as a reader (beginner level). He can read slowly but does not understand what he is reading. Vocabulary is very limited at this stage, containing only a small number of words.

Usually these students can neither yet hold a simple conversation, nor do they have the confidence to speak. The Hebrew for Beginners course focuses on this level. Sentence structure is both taught and used actively with the student to enable them to integrate what they are learning and a constant effort is made for connections to be made between what is being covered during the lesson and the student’s current situation, life experience, fields of interest, etc.

The course emphasis at level Aleph is very much on expanding vocabulary and giving the student the tools which he or she needs in order to begin communicating in Hebrew.  By the end of course Aleph we would expect that the most students would feel comfortable enough to try using their Hebrew in situations outside of the Ulpan environment.


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