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About Ulpan Aviv  /  Testimonials

Elena Albertini, Italy

I’ve started with Ulpan Aviv at the end of 2017’s, after my Israel’s study-trip at Yad Vashem in August. My Hebrew’s level was almost Bet: I was able to speak and to tell something, but the main problem for me it was to make a fluid conversation …. Over the reached level – today I’m Ghimel – thanks to Ulpan Aviv study-method, now, I can really have a conversation. I know more words than the past, a lot of meanings, and the grammar too; above all, the verbs and their not simple rules. This school is very serious and professional. Moreover , to be a student here is like to be in a big family; my teacher, the morà Saray, is a friend of mine and we can meet and speak in Hebrew thanks to Skype lessons! Thank you very much!!

Christopher Rafacz, USA

Ulpan Aviv helped me to strengthen my Hebrew skills in reading, listening, and speaking. I came to Israel for three weeks and in that time I gained more confidence with the Hebrew language and I gained a greater understanding of Israeli culture. Ulpan Aviv went to great lengths to make sure I received the language training that would best suit my needs. Their organization was very professional and involved in all aspects of my learning. I would definitely recommend Ulpan Aviv to anyone looking to increase their Hebrew language skills!

Amin Mirabdolbaghi, Switzerland

I had a 4-week tutorial class with Mr. Gil. The course was perfectly organized and I could make huge progress, not only in language but also know better about the life in Israel. As soon as possible, I would like to go back and do another 4-week course. I recommend Ulpan Aviv to anyone who wishes to learn Hebrew.
Todah Rabah!

Sue Gold, England

As a language teacher myself, I was looking for a teaching method which would give me the freedom to express myself in conversation. My previous online Ulpan was very formulaic and I decided to look for something more relevant. Ulpan Aviv has provided me with one-to-one tuition, face to face, in Tel Aviv, in addition to my weekly online lessons with Gil. The lessons are interesting, with a lot of humour. The focus is on being able to converse, with grammatical details being provided when necessary. Gil and his teachers have proved to be very good at “helping little old ladies (like me) cross the street” as we say in the UK. I am very pleased to have found Ulpan Aviv.

Annemie Rabau, Belgium

After a life from isolating, missing, hesitation and doubt, I joined the group here in Flanders from Biblical Hebrew… it gave me peace and I became very fascinated by the language. So I wanted to know more and learn about modern Hebrew…. And Baruch Hashem , on the advice of a friend, I ended up in ULPAN AVIV. This was the best decision I ever have taken. In 2015 I started the 10-day course with Gil. With great patiece and clear explanation from my excellent teacher ULPAN AVIV became my Hebrew home. And until now I always look forward to my next lesson in Israel or with Skype. Now I am happy that I can talk to my family and that I understand them. I am very grateful to ULPAN AVIV. It is the best experience!

Ann Pangbourne, UK

I am very happy to tell you about learning Hebrew with Ulpan Aviv.
When I started I was too scared to speak, but slowly, slowly Sarai helped me and now I love to talk.
Without you, Sarai and Ulpan Aviv all of this would have been impossible.
Thank you so much. May the blessing of HaShem be upon you.

Giampiero Crispolti, Italy

I am writing to express again my high level of satisfaction about the two weeks Ulpan. Jenny is an amazing teacher and was able to understand my needs and she brilliantly tried to tailor her teaching to follow and answer my specific requests.
I tried many times to start studying Hebrew by myself, but then I always stopped after a while, meeting some difficulties. After the course I again had a look for the books I already had and now they seem to me much clear, understandable and meaningful.
So I want to say that the course fully reached and fulfilled my personal aims, of course at this first stage.

Manuel Binder, Switzerland

Most motivational, patient and friendly Online Ulpan I’ve ever studied with, both for private Hebrew lesson and intensive Ulpan course. Special thanks to Saray for her patience.

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