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Learn Hebrew while touring in Israel

Misaviv Tour & Course in Israel

Learn Hebrew while touring in Israel

There are few countries as rich in history, culture and nature as Israel. Almost every place and neighborhood has “its own story to tell”.

Taking this into account, Ulpan Aviv is able to offer the possibility of visiting historical and natural sites, of interest to an individual student, as part of their tailored Hebrew course. The places to visit are planned in advance by the student and the Ulpan Aviv team. 

On visits students are accompanied by an Ulpan Aviv staff member and appropriate materials are provided that will enable the student to speak about what he or she is seeing and learning, while reinforcing what the student has already covered in class.

This program is available during the whole year but is specially requested during the summer, so contact us in advance to schedule it for you or for a small group.

Other options in Israel

If you wish to learn Hebrew in Israel without the tour part, read about our courses which are available face to face in the country. Our teachers go where the students want to learn. 

Explore specific offerings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

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