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Hebrew level Gimel

Gimel – Level Three

The Gimel student is one who has already completed the first two beginner levels and has now arrived at the intermediate level. He now has good passive knowledge of Hebrew and can understand a fair amount of things going on around him. The goal for the Gimel student now is to transform all his passive knowledge into active knowledge.

Motivation needs to be given to do so using materials and subjects that would suit both his character and his fields of interest, both personal and professional. Much emphasis is put on encouraging and enabling the Gimel student to speak in order to make his speech as fluent and natural as possible.  In addition to this, at level Gimel, an accent is put on ‘connectors’ and the linguistic elements that make speech rich and spontaneous.

The Gimel course is based on two text books; “Gimel“, and “Hapoal“. In addition to this, supplementary materials are introduced which are not included in the books. The supplementary materials are selected according to their relevance both to the student and to his competencies.

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