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Here at Ulpan Aviv, we offer to all our students, a free evaluation. This is a moment where you as a student, are not only evaluated as to your level of proficiency in Hebrew, but also, it is a time in which you may to ask any questions that you may have, discuss your personal goals and concerns as well as your interests.

All of this information helps us to be able to design a course that completely suits you. Needless to say, during your lessons you will have many other opportunities to be able to ask any questions that you have, and for us to fine tune your Hebrew course.

Following the evaluation, each student receives a study pack most suited to him or her. Study packs generally include the different textbooks that were considered the most appropriate to that particular student, according to his or her level, goals and personal interests.

Accompanying each book is the audio version of all the conversations contained in that particular book.  Other materials and articles etc., are added in during the course of the lessons.

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