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Alessandro Zanoni

Alessandro Zanoni (30) was born in Italy and has been living in China for the past 10 years. He works in the human resources field, which requires a lot of his time and effort. Alessandro already had language skills as he studied languages in Italy, and he speaks four other languages besides Hebrew. Alessandro came

Alicja Tandeka

Alicja Tandeka
Alicja first came to Ulpan Aviv in December 2011. The connection was made through the Ulpan Aviv Facebook page in which Alicja actively participated. Finally, she decided to come for a first attempt at learning Hebrew in Israel. Coming from Poland, Alicja loved sunny Tel Aviv, the friendly people, and the language around her. Having

Bram Kortums

Coming from Holland with no previous knowledge of Hebrew, Bram started to study with Ulpan Aviv in August of this year. Bram lives in Southern Israel, on a Kibutz next to Ashkelon and has been travelling the not so short distance between Askelon and our TLV branch in order to study 3 times a week.

Chris Zalman

Chris Zalman left his home and family in New Jersey to make Aliya and to join the army. He came to Israel as part of a MASA programme whereby post-high school teenagers from America live together in shared appartments in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and volunteer in schools amongst other places. Whilst volunteering the young

Dora Levine

Dora is a 38 year old mother of two school aged children, living in Florida, US. Dora was born in Europe and was exposed to 4 languages during her childhood and adolescence. Marrying an Israeli exposed her to a 5th. Dora came to study here at Ulpan Aviv in Tel-Aviv during this summer whilst visiting

Gavin Buhr

Gavin was born and raised in the US and he currently calls Chicago home. As an employee for a major international airline, Gavin finds himself all over the world experiencing new languages and culture. Throughout his travels, Gavin has found a special connection to Israel and has made an effort to come back often and

James Pearson

James is a citizen of the United States, who has been volunteering in Israel for 14 years in various different frameworks. These days he volunteers in an institute for the disabled in San Simon, Jerusalem. James came to Israel with his community from Chicago, with a strong desire to change his life path, and to

Joan Burstyn

Joan originates from the USA and is a respected Professor, author and poet. She arrived in Israel to visit her children who live in and around Jerusalem and came to Ulpan Aviv with a desire to speak Hebrew in order to talk and tell stories to her Israeli grandchildren. Joan arrived at our Ulpan with

Joe Dwek

Joe and his wife arrived in Israel a year ago following his employment at the Jerusalem Foundation. The Jerusalem Foundation supports the growth of Jerusalem as a pluralistic, tolerant and cultural society and despite his work being primarily in English, Joe was anxious to learn the Hebrew language in order integrate in to Israeli society.

Joseph Shamash

Joseph, like his biblical namesake, is a colourful character. He works in film and television and originates from Los Angeles. He, like many of our students came to us after a recommendation from a fellow student at Pardes (a yeshiva for students of all denominations and backgrounds based in Jerusalem). We really enjoy when students

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