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Joe Dwek

Joe and his wife arrived in Israel a year ago following his employment at the Jerusalem Foundation. The Jerusalem Foundation supports the growth of Jerusalem as a pluralistic, tolerant and cultural society and despite his work being primarily in English, Joe was anxious to learn the Hebrew language in order integrate in to Israeli society.

Joe registered to study Hebrew at Ulpan Aviv in Jerusalem following his son’s great success whilst taking an Ulpan Aviv preparatory course for the Magen David Adom (the ambulance service). Arriving at our Ulpan with no prior experience of the Hebrew language and beginning at a very basic level, Joe enrolled himself in a long-term Hebrew study program with us, aiming to study once or twice a week. Despite the difficulties of managing work and his other responsibilities, Joe set himself a goal, to come to each class ready to learn and he has proved to be very successful in this.

All here at Ulpan Aviv have seen the dedication and perseverance that Joe has demonstrated and we are very happy that he is a part of our Ulpan Aviv family. Joe is currently studying at level Gimel and improving his already excellent conversational skills by implementing the vocabulary that he has learnt during his lessons. His spoken language has become more fluent and he enjoys the challenges set before him both in his Hebrew lessons at Ulpan Aviv and whilst out about in Israel. In addition to this, Joe manages to oversee the renovations of his Israeli home whilst dealing with the language and cultural differences encountered whilst working with Israeli professionals. All of this, not mentioning his radiance and wonderful personality, makes every meeting with Joe most enjoyable. We wish him much success in his continued endeavors and for now, enjoy having him study with us at Ulpan Aviv.

Joe Dwek
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