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No Ordinary Week (NOW)in Jerusalem

An amazing week in Jerusalem with Ruth Fazal, christian worship leader, violinist and composer and Gil Pentzak, Israeli Orthodox Jew, linguist and director of Ulpan Aviv.

The NOW week in Jerusalem is a unique program designated mainly for Christians who have the love for the land of Israel and for the people living in it.

It is a totally unique experience, which gives one the opportunity to experience Israel from a Jewish perspective, and specifically, from an Orthodox Jewish perspective.  We really feel that God is doing something very special in these days, and that He is inviting us to partner with Him.  The focus is not about ‘teaching’ but about ‘discovering’ one another as Jew and Gentile.

Each day of the NOW week has a particular focus. Our morning sessions explore a particular topic, and are then followed by an outing to some of the key places which correspond to that topic. Our evenings give us time to share about our day together. Worshipping together is a key element to every session.  For one full day in the middle of the week, you will have the unique experience of visiting Samaria.

You will overlook the valley where Abraham entered the Land,  and visit other key places in Biblical history. But most importantly, we will get to learn about the importance of these places today. What is the meaning of that history to the people living in these places now, and also to us?

We will be staying at the beautiful Hotel Yehuda for the entire week. Nestled in the hills of Jerusalem, this hotel is also a perfect spot to conclude our week, as we have the opportunity to take part in the Orthodox Jewish way of keeping Shabbat.


The next NOW special tour will be held on November 5th-12th 2023.

If you want to receive more information or ask anything related to this journey, please complete the Contact form on this page.

A sample from previous “NOW” Weeks (October 2018 & November 2019):

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