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Summer Ulpan

Summer 2024 Hebrew Course

Summer Ulpan

The summer season in Israel is usually the busiest time of the year at Ulpan Aviv. People from all over the world come for vacations and their annual visits in the holy land. That is just the right time to brush up on their Hebrew, each with his/her own level and study pace.


Therefore, we must prepare ourselves in advance with specialties for the summer and with additions to our regular tailor-made courses. Some of these specialties are:

In Tel Aviv:

  • Visiting the old city of Jaffa including the port. A tour in which you would be able to learn about the relationship between the two very close cities, TLV and Jaffa, and how they affect one another in various ways.

  • Visiting the home of Meir Dizengoff, the first mayor of Tel Aviv. The house became a museum and it was also the place where the declaration of Independence was given in 1948.

  • And more!


In Jerusalem:

  • A tour in the footsteps of important persons in the city’s history; Herzel, RavKuk, Anna Ticho, and many more where we would visit their homes and talk about during these tours.

  • Wall Promenade. A tour in which we would overlook different parts of the old city and the area around it (including visiting the Kotel).

  • Museums of Art and Jewish History.

  • Other places according to the each student or group’s interests..

Contact us to receive all the info about these personalized and flexible study tours. The places above are only suggestions, as the locations and cities can vary according to the student's interests.


We also offer the "Misaviv tour-course" which goal is to visit Israel & learn Hebrew throughout the whole year. 


If you decide to take Hebrew lessons only, we send our teachers where you are in Tel AvivJerusalem, or other cities, so you don’t need to spend time traveling.

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