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Success Stories

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Lilian Steinberg

Lilian was born in Belgium and made aliyah in October 2011. After being in Israel for just half a year, she decided that this was the only place she wanted to live in. When Lillian went to university, she studied Translation, with the goal of working in this field. In the end, however, she entered

Ludoviko Ludigiany

Ludoviko (Ludo) Ludigiany is an air steward from Italy, who takes advantage of his holidays to come to Israel, and, in the last few months to also learn Hebrew at the same time. Although he is not Jewish, Ludo is very connected to Israel and the Hebrew language and shows this with a Star of

Michael Aharon Gestetner

Michael Aharon Gestetner, or Ari as he is known in Israel, was born in Australia and lived in Sydney until very recently. In 2012 Ari decided that it was the right time for him to make the big move to Israel, and alongside his mother, he made aliyah, saying goodbye to two of his brothers

Myriam Braunschvig

Myriam Braunschvig currently divides up her time between America, France and Israel. Born into a French-American bilingual household in NYC with Spanish speaking grandparents, Myriam speaks many languages including; French, English, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. She taught philosophy in Paris, and body-awareness in America, as well as working in experimental theatre and film-making. Myriam has

Robert Bloom

Robert (Rob) Bloom is a 23 year old student from Leeds, UK. He is a self-employed electrician and building contractor who came to Israel on 2011 for a Birthright trip with the Jewish Agency. During and after the trip, Rob’s interest in Israel and in Hebrew increased and shortly after the trip he applied to

Ruth Fazal

Ruth Fazal is a musician (violinist primarily) from Canada who started to study with Ulpan Aviv in June 2010. We can all remember the day when Ruth entered the Ulpan, eyes full of passion to learn. During the initial evaluation of her Hebrew level, Ruth explained how eager she was to start a journey with

Stephan Bachinger

Stephan (27) arrived in Israel on December 2010 from Germany. As a continuation of his academic studies in film, Stephan wanted study inthe Sam Shpiegel Film School in Jerusalem. Having no previous background in Hebrew, Stephan was facing a real challenge; he needed to finish level Bet before February 2011 in 2 months’ time. Thechallenge

Sung-chul cho

Sung-chul cho (31) arrived in Israel from South Korea on behalf of the company Samsung. He works in Israel as a regional expert and has to devise new technological ideas. He came with two colleagues and they have lived here together for more than half a year. Half of the first year in the country

Susan Wazwuz

Susan is in her 20’s, from Jerusalem, and is studying to become a doctor. Susan came to Ulpan Aviv with the goal of improving her Hebrew so that she can take her internship in medicine in an Israeli hospital as easily as possible (usually, hospitals in Israel require level Gimel of Hebrew in order to

The Gurok family

Sherry and her two daughters, Audrey (11) and Mira (8), came for a visit in Israel after a long tour around the globe. They arrived at our Ulpan together, and each one studied with a different teacher according to their level and needs in Hebrew. Audrey and Mira had a special Ulpan Aviv kids-course that

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