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Susan Wazwuz

Susan is in her 20’s, from Jerusalem, and is studying to become a doctor. Susan came to Ulpan Aviv with the goal of improving her Hebrew so that she can take her internship in medicine in an Israeli hospital as easily as possible (usually, hospitals in Israel require level Gimel of Hebrew in order to accept doctors and nurses. Applicants are interviewed by a team of doctors and need to show fluency and self confidence while speaking).

It was realized quickly that Susan has a special sense for languages, quick absorption of new vocabulary and a great ability to use it in a conversation. It was thanks to these qualities and to her assertiveness that she finished her studies with us, having gained an impressive level Hebrew. A lot of materials from the medical field were given to Susan and she managed to learn them all successfully. Simualtions of doctor-patient situations were also included in Susan’s program and she passed those as well with great success.

Towards the end, it was recommended that Susan should watch Israeli TV shows, and she discovered that learning a language also includes being exposed to the culture and mentality of the people speaking it.

We wish Susan much success in her future endeavours and we are looking forward to staying in touch!

Susan Wazwuz
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