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Biblical Hebrew

Learn Biblical Hebrew

Hebrew is the most ancient language that is spoken today. The Hebrew language has transitioned through many changes due to the complex history and experiences of the Jewish people. It developed increasingly from ancient times until the destruction of the second Temple, in the year 68CE. Since then, the people of Israel were exiled to different places all over the world, which caused a lot of linguistic diversity between communities.

Hebrew has always been kept as the language of Jewish prayer, however, it was not kept (and sometimes it was not allowed to be used) as a spoken language in daily life. This situation continued for almost 2000 years until the end of the 19th century, when Eliezer Ben Yehuda decided to bring Hebrew back to life as a spoken language for people to use on a daily basis.

Ben Yehuda started to go back to the Hebrew language roots and origins; the Bible. He tried to track down all the rules and phenomena within the Biblical text, and successfully revived the language to what we call today, Modern Hebrew. Modern Hebrew originates from the ancient language of thousands of years ago, however, with some remaining differences.

Genesis bereishit
Exodus Shemot
Leviticus Vayikra
Numbers Bemidbar
Deuteronomy Devarim
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