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Ludoviko Ludigiany

Ludoviko (Ludo) Ludigiany is an air steward from Italy, who takes advantage of his holidays to come to Israel, and, in the last few months to also learn Hebrew at the same time. Although he is not Jewish, Ludo is very connected to Israel and the Hebrew language and shows this with a Star of David around his neck.

Ludo is a highly motivated student and he invests a lot of time into his Hebrew studies, even when it is during a period of time that he is working. He began his journey in Ulpan Aviv at level ‘Alef’, is currently finishing level ‘Bet+’ and is about to begin level ‘Gimmel’. In one of his courses, he even took a double course (classes in both the mornings and afternoons) in order to progress as much as possible, and so he did. Seriousness and ambition to learn are the main tools of his great success.

“Ludo knows how to write essays and to express himself very well. He is a pleasant conversational man, smiling, warm and sharing. A student that each teacher dreams about”, says Hila Atari, his teacher in Tel Aviv. “He loves to learn all the Israeli slang and always knows how to surprise us and make us laugh every morning and afternoon when he uses them.”

Ludo keeps in touch with the Ulpan even when he is not in Israel, sending us warm and pleasant emails, and of course, we are waiting for him to return to us this December.

Wishing him much success!

Ludoviko Ludigiany
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