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Stephan Bachinger

Stephan (27) arrived in Israel on December 2010 from Germany. As a continuation of his academic studies in film, Stephan wanted study inthe Sam Shpiegel Film School in Jerusalem. Having no previous background in Hebrew, Stephan was facing a real challenge; he needed to finish level Bet before February 2011 in 2 months’ time. Thechallenge was even greater as he was only moving to Jerusalem in mid-January meaning that Stephan had even less time at his disposal.
Stephan arrived at Ulpan Aviv on December 2010 and shared with us the challenge he was facing. After discussion with Stephan, it was decided that the best approach would be that he would start an on-line program immediately followed by two consecutive ‘Aviv’ courses, running back to back once he arrived in Jerusalem. This meant that whilst in Jerusalem, Stephan would be studying with us 3 hours daily for the month before his interview.
Because of his specific goal and Hebrew background, during the lessons Stephan covered all aspects of the Hebrew language; learning texts, conversational language, grammar, etc. In addition to this, due to our one-to-one programs, we were also able tailor his course to include simulations of an interview process, focusing on relevant vocabulary and subjects that were specifically related to his field.
At the end of his course, Stephan had a successful interview and was accepted to continue his studies in the film school. Well done Stephan!
“I had a great and intensive time here. I really learned a lot and I doubt I would have achieved this in another learning environment.” Stephan Bachinger, Germany.

Stephan Bachinger
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