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Myriam Braunschvig

Myriam Braunschvig currently divides up her time between America, France and Israel. Born into a French-American bilingual household in NYC with Spanish speaking grandparents, Myriam speaks many languages including; French, English, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. She taught philosophy in Paris, and body-awareness in America, as well as working in experimental theatre and film-making.

Myriam has a deep and heartfelt connection to Israel, and feels that it is a blessing and a gift to live here. “I feel my core, I get a sense of the fabric of my being, and I do not feel conflicted with my Diaspora journey.” There are so many things she loves about living in Israel, as she expresses, “I can listen endlessly to a child speak Hebrew, and I can discover the newness of a holiday nationally shared”. Deepening her knowledge and understanding of Hebrew is a life-long project which we are happy to be a part of.

Arriving at the ulpan with a high level of Hebrew, Myriam entered our doors with self-confidence and a desire to enrich her Hebrew, to progress to a more advanced and academic level of fluency. In her two courses at the ulpan, Myriam’s course materials include watching documentaries, reading literature and poetry, and analyzing these in depth. In her classes, they have deep conversations about current events and philosophy, while learning complex grammar and new vocabulary. Her current teacher, Elinor said that, “Myriam is a wonderful student, and a free spirit, and I have learned just as much from her as she has from me”.

We wish Myriam the best of luck in her continuing Hebrew journey!

Myriam Braunschvig
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