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Sung-chul cho

Sung-chul cho (31) arrived in Israel from South Korea on behalf of the company Samsung. He works in Israel as a regional expert and has to devise new technological ideas. He came with two colleagues and they have lived here together for more than half a year.

Half of the first year in the country was spent adjusting and getting familiarized with the country, culture and of course, the language. This is the reason that Sung-chul came to us and is now about to begin his fourth course. Sung-chul began his studies in the ulpan at a complete beginner level and today he has already progressed in two levels and is really able to converse in Hebrew! Sung-chul cho and his work colleagues really like Israel and the Israeli culture (which is extremely different from Korean culture).

During their time in Israel, they received an assignment from the company Samsung, to prepare a presentation on life here in Israel. Nowadays they are in Korea in order to pass a test that examines the Hebrew that they acquired here.

Sung-chul Cho invested a lot in his Hebrew, he speaks Hebrew at every possible opportunity for him, and not just in the Ulpan!

His writing is very nice. He expresses himself in a very beautiful and clear form. His sense of curiosity brings him to investigate the language and learn more and more.

We wish him much success!

Sung-chul cho
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