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Robert Bloom

Robert (Rob) Bloom is a 23 year old student from Leeds, UK. He is a self-employed electrician and building contractor who came to Israel on 2011 for a Birthright trip with the Jewish Agency. During and after the trip, Rob’s interest in Israel and in Hebrew increased and shortly after the trip he applied to Ulpan Aviv. Due to the distance and the lack of ability to come to Israel after the trip, it was decided that Rob would take his lessons online twice a week. Today, Rob is taking his 9th course and he is progressing immensely as more time passes. He started his journey as an ALEF student (beginner level) and today he can handle a fair conversation, short stories, good knowledge of Hebrew grammar, and expanded vocabulary. Materials that were used in Rob’s courses were SEFER ALEF, VERB BOOK, CONVERSATION MANUAL, SEFER BET, Kids stories, and Israeli TV shows.

When asked about his plans to move on with his studies, Rob says that he is going to continue until he can speak fluently and get along completely in Hebrew.


Robert Bloom
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