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Lilian Steinberg

Lilian was born in Belgium and made aliyah in October 2011. After being in Israel for just half a year, she decided that this was the only place she wanted to live in.

When Lillian went to university, she studied Translation, with the goal of working in this field. In the end, however, she entered her family business and started working with them in the diamond business.

Lilian speaks four languages: Flemish, French, English and Hebrew. She also studied photography in the past, and now that she is in Israel and not working, she is focusing on her photography of landscapes and people. She also plans to start volunteering soon, either with children or in different museums that are looking for foreign language speakers.

Lillian learned Hebrew just by listening, and her Hebrew speaking is highly impressive; today she is learning with us as a way of continuing to polish her Hebrew diamond…Since Lillian learned her Hebrew through listening, it was important to structure things for her in the correct order, but simultaneously to keep the authenticity in which she learns and absorbs the language. We therefore decided to teach Lillian Hebrew using various TV series, newspaper articles, different texts, etc. For people who have a feel for languages, it is important to provide them with a way of learning that will keep it natural for them.

Lillian watched TV programs in Hebrew and learned different Israeli songs, and really enjoyed the whole learning experience. Whenever Lillian arrived in the Ulpan we were always happy to see her, she is like part of the family J

These days, Lillian has started her second course, in a similar structure to her first course but with more advanced materials. She is doing amazing work during her course and progressing a lot. We have very much enjoyed Lillian’s presence with us in the Ulpan and we wish her much success in the future.

Lilian Steinberg
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