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Dora Levine

Dora is a 38 year old mother of two school aged children, living in Florida, US. Dora was born in Europe and was exposed to 4 languages during her childhood and adolescence. Marrying an Israeli exposed her to a 5th.

Dora came to study here at Ulpan Aviv in Tel-Aviv during this summer whilst visiting her husband’s family. Up until this point she would hear a lot of Hebrew and pick up what she could, although she has never covered the basics in a more structured way. Dora’s objective in taking the course was to grasp as much Hebrew as possible in a short period of time and be able to communicate as effectively as possible with her Israeli family. We covered a lot of useful vocabulary together and it was really satisfying to hear Dora say: “So that is what it means!” every time we came across a word that she had heard frequently but didn’t understand. In addition to this, we covered much of the grammatical foundation of the language and Dora was delighted to be able to able to speak using all the tenses rather than having to use the same tense all of the time.

Dora made amazing progress during the 10 day course and was able to finish all of the level Bet material during this time. We all wish her every success in her continuing studies and hope to see her back soon.

Dora Levine
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