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Alicja Tandeka

Alicja first came to Ulpan Aviv in December 2011. The connection was made through the Ulpan Aviv Facebook page in which Alicja actively participated. Finally, she decided to come for a first attempt at learning Hebrew in Israel. Coming from Poland, Alicja loved sunny Tel Aviv, the friendly people, and the language around her. Having learnt Hebrew in Poland for a year before she started learning in Ulpan Aviv, Alicja was not a complete beginner rather did have the basic skills in Hebrew. Along with her personal teacher in our Tel Aviv branch, Alicja’s journey started with hard work coming for double sessions (morning and afternoon) every day. A great empahasis has been put on conversational skills as well as understanding ths sentence’s strcture in Hebrew. That was not enough for Alicja and she came back for another course (double sessions again…) in January 2012.

During the second course Alicja worked hard on grammar and it was very pleasing to hear her speak full sentences with decent (active) vocabulary.

Before leaving for Poland once the second course finished, Alicja was able to say in Ivrit:

“ANI EHEYE SIPUR HAHATSLACHA HABA SHEL HAULPAN” (“I will be the next success story of the Ulpan”). And so she is. All of the ulpan Aviv team is very proud of Alicja and of the progress she made. We all wish her much success with all of her future endavours and of course expecting to see her back in Israel for her course in April 2012.

Alicja Tandeka
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