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Alessandro Zanoni

Alessandro Zanoni (30) was born in Italy and has been living in China for the past 10 years. He works in the human resources field, which requires a lot of his time and effort. Alessandro already had language skills as he studied languages in Italy, and he speaks four other languages besides Hebrew.

Alessandro came to Ulpan Aviv for the first time in January 2012 and began the Aviv course in the Tel-Aviv ulpan branch. He started his 10 day program at level BET+ and finished his course almost completely at level GIMEL.

Since then, Alessandro has been studying online with us. Meeting his teacher once, sometimes twice, a week over the past year has allowed him to reach level HEY and the ability to communicate freely in Hebrew.

In Alessandro’s current course, the materials are related to his work in human resources. The main goal for a level HEY student is to be able to handle all types of communication: TV, radio, newspaper, conversations in different contexts, improving writing skills, etc.

“Alessandro is ready for all challenges and is very consistent in his learning”, said Orna, his online teacher.

We wish Alessandro much success in his Hebrew journey and we hope to continue to help him on this path.

Alessandro Zanoni
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