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About Ulpan Aviv  /  Testimonials

Mariangela Bonato, Italy

Ulpan Aviv is the second school I’ve attended in Israel in order to learn Hebrew. My first experience was in an Ulpan in Jerusalem, in a class of 20 other students. It helped but not as much as I wished. That’s why, after I decided to stay for a while in Tel Aviv, I looked for a school in the city. I checked on Google and I finally choose the Upan Aviv as I could have a tailor-made Course: the hours of lesson per day, the location (close to my accommodation) and the individual language program. I could practically talk about my needs and all the solutions were found easily…I would call it a great customer service.

As soon as I started with the lessons, I got more and more into the rhythm and I enjoyed everything my teacher proposed to study, as the topics were all connected to the history, the life and the taste of Israel.
I appreciated a lot the fact that my teacher could increase my interest by choosing topics to be developed with songs, texts, and grammar explanations, in order to talk easily about lots of themes of my knowledge and new more ones connected to religion, history, culture and art of Israel. I’m fully satisfied with this method.

Joyce Gunby, England

My name is Joyce and I am a 65yr old Grandma from the UK. I wanted to learn Hebrew many years ago but bringing up children meant I was too busy. So now they are grown I decided to try again.
My biggest fear was a classroom situation where I thought I would be unable to keep up with other students. I met Gil on a NOW week in Israel and his gentle yet positive manner encouraged me to try skype lessons with Ulpan Aviv. He teaches me at my pace with a great deal of patience and he makes it really interesting with insight into the Jewish culture. I enjoy my made to measure, pressure free lessons.
Learning Hebrew with Ulpan Aviv is a lot of fun (even the homework). I hope others will try this way of learning and enjoy the experience as much as I do. So if you are teetering , jump in, you’ll be glad you did.

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