Ulpan Aviv, was founded in July 2009. The founders' vision was to enable people of all ages, abilities and walks of life to be able to learn Hebrew in an environment and with a method that would help and not hinder their progress.

Osnat and Gil developed the educational side of Ulpan Aviv, and not finding the materials for learning Hebrew that they considered appropriate for teaching their unique method, they decided to create their own.  Today Ulpan Aviv boasts a library of written and audio materials and resources which enable them with ease, design courses for all of the 6 levels of Hebrew for students from a rich diversity of backgrounds, cultures etc.

Prior to founding Ulpan Aviv, Yigael was working in sales and customer services in a telecommunications company. Due to his experience and expertise in this field, Yigael was able to develop the administrative and customer care side of Ulpan Aviv that is all so often complemented in our students' feedback.


The three founder members and core team; Yigael Rance, Osnat Rance and Gil Pentzak, although from different backgrounds both in their education and their approach, complement each other perfectly bringing each their own 'unique ingredient' to Ulpan Aviv.


    Osnat studied Literature and History in the Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, finishing her studies with a distinction before branching in to teaching Hebrew in the Ulpanim (Hebrew language schools). Her special interests include, art, history, Biblical Hebrew and of course, Israeli literature. 
    Tour guides, writers and those with particular interest in historical sites here in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel, have been amongst those who have very much enjoyed and benefited Osnat’s lessons. 
    Osnat’s point of view on language learning is that, "it isn’t supposed to be a burden to anyone. Learning Hebrew and Hebrew grammar is not as complicated as people think. Problems arise from the methods of teaching, but these can be avoided by choosing the right method. Here at Ulpan Aviv grammar is taught in a simple but logical way and explanations are given in the student’s native language making it accessible to the vast majority of the population.” 

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    Gil studied linguistics in the esteemed Linguistic and English Department of Bar Ilan University. Specializing in syntax, and in particular the spheres of ‘language and aging’ and 'acquisition of a second language’, Gil later studied ‘3 in 1 concepts’. Intending originally to become a therapist, Gil focused on ‘therapy in education based learning difficulties’ and ‘linguistics and therapy’ before moving in to teaching Hebrew to adult students. 
    When talking about learning a second language, Gil readily admits that along with the teaching role there is also a bit of therapy involved in enabling people to speak Hebrew. In fact, it is this element of the process that he enjoys almost as much as the teaching itself. 
    “When I can encourage people to speak more their self-confidence grows and they feel generally better about every aspect of themselves. In that way I know that they will continue to speak Hebrew and improve all of their skills. The advantage of our one-to-one method is the unique relationship that is forged between the student and the teacher…… where not only teaching skills are honed, but also listening skills.” 

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    Having worked for a number of years in sales and customer service in a telecommunications company, the opportunity presented itself to establish Ulpan Aviv. Having studied economics and accounting in Tel Aviv, Yigael now directs and oversees the administrative and student care side of Ulpan Aviv. As he himself says, “the most important thing is that the customer is happy. The greatest effort has been made in order to ensure that even the minutest details are taken care of, from the quality of the teachers, right down to the optimum height of the white-boards and the comfort of the chairs. At Ulpan Aviv we aim to provide an environment which not only is ‘home from home’, but is also optimal for learning to take place. In keeping with this philosophy, we offer to all students a three day trial period in order to make sure that each student is completely comfortable with the financial investment that they are making.”