A custom tailored program:

Each student has a curriculum designed to meet his/her: level, accessibility, fields of interest, etc. We understand that different students may have different ways of learning, and take this into great consideration when designing the curriculum for you. Curriculums can be varied. The goal is to make sure that you are able to meet the goals designed at the outset. For example, during the beginner level we apply the accelerated methodology, whereby the most important parts of the language are being taught, emphasizing the crucial aspects of learning Hebrew.



All courses are individualized (one-on-one); each teacher learns with one student at a time. This allows the maximum opportunity for a student to speak and practice language skills. There is no classroom where your time is being shared with other students.  It's one-on-one with the student and the Hebrew language instructor.  


Active Learning vs Passive Learning

The Ulpan Aviv Language acquisition method distinguishes between two types of learning: active and passive. Active learning includes primarily verbal speech, crucial for acquisition of any language skills. Passive learning includes reading, writing, listening comprehension, etc. In a regular classroom, the active learning is being slightly neglected due to the number of students. One cannot learn a new language without a real opportunity to use his/her passive knowledge.  A private course gives you all the opportunities you need in order to "open your mouth" and speak.



Ulpan Aviv offers four levels of learning. Upon registration, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your knowledge of the Hebrew language. Based on this evaluation, we design an individualized study kit, which accompanies you throughout the course.  


Books & Materials:

All textbooks have been designed exclusively by Ulpan Aviv professional teams including different methodologies and Hebrew learning assignments tailored to each student's level. We have invested a good deal of effort and thinking in to the printed materials to ensure that our students are getting a top quality, effective and efficient accelerated Hebrew course. One that ensures that you will gain solid Hebrew language skills within a short period of time. Textbooks are accompanied by explanatory audio tracks.  At the conclusion of the course, students receive a set of CD's including all the textbook tracks.