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The Month of Nissan:

The month of Nissan is called by three names in the Torah:


חוֹדֶשׁ הָאָבִיב

רֹאשׁ חֳודָשִׁים





The month of the Spring

Head of all months

Jewish commentaries explain that the reason the Torah names Nissan as the “Head of all months” is for future generations to always remember the great miracle of the exodus from Egypt, which happened in the middle of this month. Going out of Egypt is the pinnacle event in Jewish history and is therefore to be remembered forever.

The name “CHODESH HA’AVIV” is a reference to the time of year in which Nissan takes place. This is not just a calendar description, but rather, it is an actual command for us to ensure that we celebrate PESACH in the spring time. This explains why we find some Jewish calendar years with 13 months; we add an extra month in order for Pesach to take place in the spring.

The name “Nissan” is a Babylonian name, however, Hebrew linguists suggest a link between the name Nissan and the word “NITSAN” in Hebrew which means “bud”. Others claim that the name Nissan comes from the Hebrew word “Ness” which means “miracle”. 

During the Temple Era, the month of Nissan was the beginning of the pilgrimage of the Jewish people to Jerusalem for the holiday of Pesach. Over the seven days of Pesach, the city of Jerusalem hosted most of the Jewish people for the holiday. We live in hope for the days where we can all once again celebrate the holidays together in Jerusalem and experience the true holiness of the holidays. 

חַג שָׂמֵחַ!


Happy holiday

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